Beginner Yoga


No classes until September 7th


Open Level

Fri: 1:00pm-2:15pm            (this class will be taught by Yuval Samburski from Aug. 18th-Sept. 1st while Corinna Wilson is on vacation)





This class is open to all levels. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are welcome. The class teaches basic poses and builds on these basic poses to try other related, more challenging poses.  The teacher will sometimes give several options or steps for more difficult poses, so that beginners and advanced students can do a version of the pose which is appropriate for them.  Inversions like handstand, headstand and forearm stand will sometimes be taught, but beginner students will try a version of the inversion which is appropriate for their level.  It’s not uncommon for some students to do different things during the class; don’t feel bad if the teacher gives you a modification of a pose.  Everyone’s body is different and has different needs!