"When I started Yoga at Be Studio one year ago, I was a complete beginner. For the first 6 months, I couldn't do a hand stand pose (and some poses which require being upside down) because I had an inner ear problem. But after 6 months, I finally did a hand stand pose! Yoga helped me get over my inner ear problem. This problem had bothered me for a long time, so I was pleasantly surprised. What I want to say most is that Corinna is a great professional teacher! She provides a lot of personal attention and directions.Whether you are beginner or advanced, I'm sure she'll make your yoga skills improve:)!!

1年前、Be Studioでヨガを初めた時、私はまったくの初心者でした。最初の半年間は逆立ちのポーズやその他にも頭を逆さまにしなければならないポーズは三半規管の問題で出来ませんでした。しかし、半年後、ついに逆立ちをすることができました!ヨガを続けたことによって、三半規管の問題を改善することができました。三半規管は長い間私の悩みだったので、うれしい驚きでした。

-Misako (From Japan)

Be Studio NYC, I was over 60 years old.  I couldn't do some yoga poses.  But Corinna always said that the poses of yoga can be different for each person, depending on their ability and level.  Sometimes when other students did difficult poses, Corinna gave me an easier version of that pose. It helped me very much.  I took it easy and I continued happily. I could do a lot of poses a few months later.  Corinna has a lot of knowledge about yoga.  She taught us a lot of yoga poses and other things, like yoga philosophy. I also made many friends in yoga class. So, I was able to enjoy a good life in New York by doing yoga. Thank you Be Studio NYC!

-Yoko Kaneyoshi (from Japan)

私がBe Studioでヨガを始めたときは60歳を過ぎていたので、出来ないポーズもありました。でも、Corinna はいつも ヨガのポーズは人それぞれ違っても良いと言っていました。それに助けられ楽な気持ちで楽しくヨガを続けられました。しばらくしたら、沢山のポーズが出来るようになってました。

Corinna は沢山の知識があり多くの事を私達に教えてくれました。又ヨガの教室で沢山の友達が出来、楽しいNew  York 生活を送ることが出来ました。皆様に感謝しています。